Monday, January 28, 2013

NRA Fantasies

It's almost cute, the fantasies that gun enthusiasts have about themselves.

Concealed Carry Heroes
Concealed carry advocates picture themselves as an amalgam of James Bond, Philip Marlowe, and Simon Templar. They see themselves as heroes walking our streets ready at a moments notice to whip their weapon out to defend a damsel in distress or helpless citizen from agents of evil. Most would be lucky to not to come off like Maxwell Smart and shoot themselves in the leg frantically reaching for their gun.

Open Carry Machismo
Then their are the guys who picture themselves as Wyatt Earp or Rambo and demand the right to openly flaunt their weapons. These displays are purely cosmetic and serve exactly the same purpose as the penis gourds worn by New Guinea tribesmen.

Thin Red Line of Freedom
Ah, yes, the Wolverine wannabes. The people who are convinced that it is their arsenal of AR-15s that is holding off the FEMA Death Camps and preventing our invasion and conquest by North Korean Muslims. The only thing FEMA would have to do to imprison these guys is open the gates to the camps and advertise free beer.

It's kind of darling, really, the romantic delusions these guys have over their deadly weapons. Almost as cute as this
fully functional Hello Kitty AK-47, on sale for just over $1000.

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