Friday, October 26, 2012

Texas Threatens Foreign Poll Watchers

It used to be Americans considered their country a shining beacon of democracy. We loved to show off our free and fair elections. Now, Republicans generally and Texas Republicans specifically are sent into spasms of terror at the thought of some foreigner watching us vote.

The Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe is sending people to observe next month's election. It's something I would expect to be greeted with a hearty "Welcome, y'all, come on down!" The Texas Attorney General has threatened to arrest any foreigners watching the vote in his state. Even though the poll watchers have been granted diplomatic immunity.

It's like he's trying to hide something. Oh wait, he is. A Texas law requiring people "show their papers" before being allowed to vote was overturned by a federal court. Yet the Tea Party is planning to aggressively harass Hispanic voters. It's the kind of anti-American activity that Texas Republican would prefer to practice in private.

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Katy Anders said...

Absolutely amazing.

Gotta make sure only the correct kinds of people vote...