Friday, October 19, 2012

Great Sports Week

  • The Yankees got swept by the Detroit Tigers. Any year that happens is automatically a great year.
  • A-Rod, who for years been an overpaid, overrated, over juiced pseudo superstar, has finally been discovered as all that and a choke artist to boot.
  • To get rid of him the Yanks are going to have to pay some pathetic team (probably Florida) $100 million just to take his sorry ass. And to rub the salt in deep, the Yanks will have to give A-Rod a couple mil to wave his "no trade" contract clause.
  • This Sunday is the San Diego Chargers bye week. Meaning there is a better than even chance the Chargers won't blow a huge lead to lose in the fourth quarter.
  • NHL stars are playing entertaining hockey in Europe even though NHL owners were convinced by a Republican strategist to "go Galt," lock out the players, and destroy the sport.

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