Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Romney and Iran Stupidity

The WTF moment of the final debate came in two parts. On the stage Mitt Romney said the World Court should indicting the Iran president for "incitement to genocide." Then in the spin room a Romney aide suggest that a UN arrest of the Iran president would naturally follow.

"Incitement to genocide" is a real crime in international law. The first time it was used was against Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher at the Nuremburg war crimes trials. He was executed. Hutu propagandists were convicted following the Rwanda genocide of the Tutsi. Israelis have been urging an Iranian indictment for incitement to genocide for six years now. 

Anyone can suggest a nation's president should be indicted for war crimes. I even proposed George W. Bush be indicted for violating the Geneva Convention on torture. Arresting a nation's president is something else. To arrest Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would require invading Iran and overthrowing its government. It requires war.

The only countries in the world interested in war with Iran are the Republican half of the United States and Israel. And Israel only wants a war with Iran if the United States does all the actual fighting and dying.

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