Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Romney: Putting Profits Above Death

One of the visceral vibes you get from Mitt Romney is that he values proceeds over people, net profits over life and death.

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Gary Cohn has done the kind of research beyond me on how Mitt and Bain Capital managed a successful effort to terminate the health benefits of scores of cancer patients and how Mitt turned their suffering into low tax lucre for Mitt and his investors.
This is the purest possible definition of Vampire Capitalism - literally sucking the breath out of people for fun and profit.

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Anonymous said...

They had the nerve to think they were entitled to health care. He thinks only those with money should get it. I am kind of curious if he also believes that every child in the country is a parasite on the nation, as they are all "takers", and not a single one of them is a "maker". If he were consistent, he would have to believe that. But, I do not want to accuse him of anything so crass as having a coherent philosophy other than "greed is good".