Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan - Why Now?

I still think Romney's Veep choice a boring topic but there is one interesting question. Why did he announce it today?

Even PR novices know that Friday evening is a dead time for news. Add to that the final weekend of the Olympics and you pretty much guarantee the Second Coming would be barely noticed. So, why did Romney roll out his "biggest presidential decision" today, when it would get the least possible coverage?

He's Stupid
No one underrates Romney's intellect more than me but this is beyond Forrest Gump dumb to Rainman obliviousness. Maybe Romney believes that nobody watches the Olympics after the dressage competition.

He Was Trying to Hide It
Ryan is a sop to the Tea Party and a net negative to anyone else. Tea Partiers would have noticed if Ryan's announcement was whispered down an empty well at midnight - which it nearly was. Romney wants to avoid any real discussion of the Ryan choice until next Monday when it will be old news.

He Panicked
The Tea Party was in one of their petulant fortnightly rebellions. Romney was terrified they would start gnawing on his legs if it didn't throw the mob some red meat. Today!

Ryan Scares Him
Stay with me here, this is convoluted. Romney needs the Tea Party which mean he needs Ryan. Ryan is more dynamic with a larger, more dedicated following and Romney is scared Ryan will eclipse him. Romney choose to bury the Ryan rollout to show him whose boss. It won't work.

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