Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mitt the Liar

For his Birther joke Mitt said, "No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate." Unless the rules for the rich are even more different than I thought, Mitt needed a passport to travel abroad and had to show his birth certificate to get one. So Mitt has been asked for his birth certificate and he even lies about that.

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stanchaz said...

Yeah, sure fella, we just love your
off-the-cuff attempts at "humor".
But tell us more, Mitt.
Why don't you explain 
how and why your More-mon-ey Grandpa 
packed up and moved to live in Mexico...
in order to evade the oh-so-harsh 
monogamy laws back here in the good ole USA? sure seems to me that YOUR family 
has a long HISTORY of various offshore 
or foreign evasions of various types...
whether they be birther-relatd,
or marital-related, 
or tax-related.
Why don’t you
show us THOSE  birth certificates,
AND foreign tax shelters,
AND secret Swiss accounts,
AND tax returns?
People like you Mitt,
who live in multiple glass houses,
should be very very careful when they start
slinging attack-humor stones, dear boy.
They could backfire...