Thursday, August 02, 2012

Five Ring Circus

Sport As Fiction
NBC's prime time Olympics show is like a made for TV docudrama, it's "based upon actual events" but large parts are pure fiction. The over the top attempts to create drama, even when there isn't any, is making suspension of disbelief rather difficult. Still, it is marginally more entertaining than everything else.

Live(ish) Is Better
The daytime broadcasts are far more interesting. The streaming videos are outstanding mostly because there are no annoying announcers.

Horse Sense
The chart over there (----->>) compares the upkeep of Mitt Romney's Olympic show horse with what it costs to support the average American family. And Romney got way more in tax  credits for treating a horse like a princess than the average American gets for raising an entire family.

Fall Programing
I really feel sorry for NBC's programing chief for the sad selection of new programs they are promoting. I mean, even the trailers are fucking boring and those feature the best parts of the shows.

Future Olympics
The Sochi Winter Olympics broadcast promises to be just as phony as these London games. I'm looking forward to Rio in 2016 where NBC will force the Olympic organizers to schedule marquee events for 6am so they have the time to edit reality. That should be fun.

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