Sunday, August 12, 2012

Me And Papa John

I'm a pizza addict. I'm not proud of that but at least I admit it. I'd rather have pizza than eat.
Probably not Papa John

Until recently Papa John's has been my dope supplier. They don't make the best pizza but Round Table doesn't deliver in my neighborhood. Papa John's papa, John Schnatter, has announced he is increasing the price of his product by 11¢ because of the evil Obamacare.

No one would have even noticed if Papa John had quietly increased his prices by less than one percent, he would have even gotten praise if he announced a nominal price increase to provide decent health care to his employees. No, no, no...Papa John had to get gratuitously political. So I am in the market for a new supplier.

Unfortunately, only two other chain pizzerias will deliver to my hovel. Pizza Hut has built a profitable business by spreading ketchup on cardboard and calling it "pizza." Domino's has a history of giving money to terrorist groups like Operation Rescue and while they insist they have stopped that practice their product would still taste like bile in my mouth.

One local restaurant owner, George Pernacanio, used to have a restaurant in San Diego's Hillcrest neighborhood but he shut it down and let the property go derelict because he hated the fact gays started moving into the neighborhood and eating there. I won't set foot in there.

I could always start making my own again, like I did in my youth. Just for personal use, mind you.


Anonymous said...

Don't support these people. If you have to pick up pizza again, it is worth the trouble.

Anonymous said...

taste tested: Amy's frozen cornmeal pizza shell (with cheese), with additional goodies (sauteed mushrooms and peppers, more cheese).

You might try a single serving pizza