Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ann Romney Confirms the White Horse Prophecy

We have a reason why we’re running and it’s because I believe in my heart that Mitt is going to save America, that economically we are in such difficult times and that he is the person that’s going to pull us through this. ~ Ann Romney, Aug. 15, 2012
 Most people have missed the above quote from Ann's 30 Rock interview but it is much more significant than whether they will release more tax returns. In this quote Ann is referencing obliquely the Mormon White Horse Prophecy and confirms that the Romneys believe that Mitt has been anointed by God to found a Mormon theocracy in the United States.

The White Horse Prophecy
In 1840 Mormon founder Joseph Smith relayed a prophecy to a couple of his followers. Smith said that in the future the Constitution would "hang by a thread" as a result of rule by a traitorous Black Horse and be saved by a White Horse aided by a Red Horse.

The White Horse will rescue America from the Black Horse and his allies Gog and Magog. "The doings of the Black Horse will be terrible." China will invade from the west. "The nations of the earth will be led by the Russian Czar and his power will be great, but all opposition will be overcome and this land will be the Zion of our God." And then Jesus Christ will return to Jackson County, Missouri.

The whole prophecy is here

A reference to slavery clearly makes the Black Horse an African-American. The White Horse is defined by the LDS church as the church itself and, more specifically, church elders and, even more specifically, "very rich" church elders. The Red Horse is always left unidentified but appears to be a secret cabal that helps the church take over the country.

The prophecy predicts that a Mormon led United States along with Anglo-Saxon Northern Europe will engage in a world war against Turks (Islam), both Roman and Orthodox Catholics, and the rest of the world led by Russia. The whole of the world would be forced to surrender to the Mormon United States.

The White Horse Prophecy was widely known by Mormons prior to it being written down in 1902. Brigham Young quoted from it as early as 1854. While it is not official church canon it is a central part of Mormon folklore.

Mitt Romney and Prophecy
Romney's call for an even bigger military is not just standard Republican dogma (although it is that). Romney will need a massive military for the world war his faith expects him to lead. The not very will disguised racism elements to his campaign is a central part of that war of white Northern Europeans against the world. The White Horse Prophecy also makes it clear that God expects only the "very rich" to rule.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure which is scarier -- that these people actually believe this ridiculous nonsense, or that they will take the planet to the brink of armageddon because of their irrational belief. Stupid religion combined with sociopaths -- what a great combination.

Anonymous said...

Mitt is a lifetime Mormon cult servant, sunday teacher , priest.
Mitt can never separate religion form politics. religions was buisness for Mitt.

President the priest is middle east age like.

Anonymous said...

You think The White(emphasis I think on White!) Horse is scary-what about the outrageous Mormon doctrine of Black "curse" Racism!

As their prophet(which guess what Mitt, means you can't change or deny thesefollowing words without the whole Mormon system falling)Brigham Young said:

"Classes of the human family that are BLACK, uncouth, uncomely, disagreeable and low in their habits,deprived of nearly all the blessings of intelligence that is generally bestowed upon mankind, the first man that committed the odius crime of killing one of his brethern will be cursed the longest of any one of the children of Adam. Cain slew his brother. Cain might have been killed and that would have put a termination to that line of human beings. This was not to be and THE LORD PUT A MARK UPON HIM WHICH IS THE FLAT NOSE AND BLACK SKIN"!!!

Wake Up America!!!

Anonymous said...

If the man had run a clean race and shown himself to be as upright as his wife CLAIMS, he might have me take a look. But the nastiness, snideness and outright lying is a clear sign that although he may consider himself on the side of his 'flesh and blood' god (one of so many, he is NOT on the side of MY God.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I am an ex-Mormon, now non-believer but know the Romneys and still have most of my friends and family in the Mormon church. For the record, I voted for Obama, although I think Romney is an honorable man.

I think it is a big leap to go from Ann's comments to the White Horse prophecy. Yes, I think they believe there is some truth to the idea they thought God sent him to save the country. Alot of Mormons have this predestined concept to give their lives some bigger meaning.

But there are alot of nutty things said by 19th century Mormon prophets and it is unfair to tie some "predestined" reference from Ann to some crazy 19th century dogma in their church.

Mormon's won't admit it,but they are changing and becoming more secular through the years and shedding some of that early craziness (ie polygamy, bias against blacks, still working on the gay thing but they will get there).

Mitt putting himself out there accelerates that IMO and Mormons want to look forward not backward. Let's let them do that and come into the mainstream of society by not strangling them with their past. All religions have odd things they used to believe and do, Mormon's just happen to be a more recent so we view it as more weird.

Cut him some slack, he just had his ass handed to him.