Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Romney Buys Florida

The result of the Florida election did not surprise me. As of Sunday, Mittens spent over $15 million in Florida, When all the beans have been counted I expect the final cost to exceed $18 million.

Mittens spent some $20 per vote he received and according to reports only 0.1% of the money was spent on pro-Romney ads. Romney didn't win so much as he mugged Gingrich. At this rate, to take the White House, Romney will have to spend over $1.3 billion. (Hint: Invest in media stock.)

Florida has a history of selling its elections. In 2010, Rick Scott invested $85 million ($32 per vote) to buy the governor's office. In comparison, my state of California saw Meg Whitman sink over $177 million ($43 per vote) trying to become governor. She failed.

The record for spending goes to New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. In 2009, he spent $102 million ($174 per vote!) to buy the office. Over his three campaigns Bloomberg has spent over a quarter of a billion dollars. No individual anywhere has spent more money running for office.

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Anonymous said...

People are still sheep. Tell them what to do and they do it. Spendng a lot to tell them what to do works for sheep. Sheep have no shame and don't need to understand what they are doing. Sheep do not care what is true or false. Sheep do what they are directed to do. If it means marching off to slaughter, they happily do it, especially if other sheep go with them.