Thursday, January 19, 2012

South Carolina Circus

South Carolina is too small for a republic and too large for an insane asylum. ~ James Petigru
Things are sure getting busy in the Palmetto State.

Newt's Wife
Mitt Romney's fingerprints are all over the Marianne Gingrich ABC interview. The timing of the interview and especially the rumor bombing that is forcing ABC to air the interview before the South Carolina primary can be easily traced to Romney agents pushing the story.

Will Marianne's "you ruined my life now I'll ruin yours" interview work? Who knows, but we already know that Newt is a slimy, muck dwelling relative of a toad and I doubt there is anything his former wife can say that will change that perception.

Mitt's Taxes
Why is Romney putting off releasing his taxes until April? He currently has a team of tax lawyers and forensic accountants sanitizing his 2011 tax return. His 2011 return will be a work of art. Not so the returns he has previously filed. Those returns will show him taking advantage of every loophole ever invented for the profit of the ultra-wealthy. Romney would murder to keep those early returns secret.

Perry's Withdrawal
I would have loved to have listened in as Rick Perry's advisors explained why he should drop out now. They probably told him, using single syllable words, that he was in danger of losing to Stephen Colbert surrogate Herman Cain and that would make him the laughing stock of the nation.

Iowa Truth
The last bit of South Carolina news is out of Iowa. While Romney led the Iowa caucuses by eight votes NBC officially calling it a Romney victory. Now that the final tally shows Rick Santorum won by four times that many voters the NBC line is that the result was a "virtual tie." What wingnuts say about the "mainstream media bias" is not entirely loopy.

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Anonymous said...

I am certain that Romney's tax rate was far less than the 15% he implied. However, the problem will be how much is not included in the tax forms that, if revealed, would demonstrate far more income. Like Enron a decade ago, the real filthy details are in the stuff that won't be reported.