Friday, January 20, 2012

The Cowardly Mittens

Mitt Romney, hereafter affectionately known as Mittens, has developed a serious case of stage fright. His total inability to give a coherent answer when asked a softball question about his taxes has got Mittens skittish around reporters.
In politics there are three kinds of questions:
1) Dumb questions - "Elvis or Johnny Cash?" (from CNN's John King)
2) Real questions - "If Israel attacked Iran to prevent Tehran from getting nuclear weapons, would you help Israel launch the attack or support it otherwise?" (Mike Gonzales - Heritage Foundation. These are exceedingly rare and almost always come from people without press credentials.)
3) Softball questions - Most debate questions either have the correct answer embedded inside the question or are on a topic that any candidate with the IQ of a donut should expect and have a scripted response to. (John King to Newt Gingrich) These are so easy they require no actual thought.
Mittens has been scared of reporters all campaign. He's okay in staged events where everything is controlled and he has several paid shills in the crowd. But asking him questions terrifies him. Last night put him over the edge. Reporters covering his campaign are being treated like diseased cattle, herded into distant corners or excluded entirely.

Poor Mittens is just a quivering bowl of jelly now. With two more debates scheduled for Florida, Mittens is throwing a pissy fit. He doesn't want to go on stage anymore and you can't make him!!!

Now, I'm no fan of presidential debates (see questions insert above) but now that the crowd has thinned out they have a chance of producing some real insight into the candidates. Too bad about Mittens.

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