Saturday, January 07, 2012

New Hampshire Anti-Education Law

Republicans hate education.
We cannot help having a school, but we think it advisable that as little as possible be taught therein. ~ 19th century British reverend
For a very long time they have felt that, for the common rabble, anything beyond just enough learning to read the Bible would lead to dangerous activities like thinking. In New Hampshire, the same state that wants to legislatively return to a 13th century feudal society, has passed a law allowing each parent to limit what his child is taught.

For example, I don't want my child to learn the Godless heliocentric theory of the solar system. Schools would be forced to teach him that the Sun revolves around the Earth. If little Johnny struggles with math, a parent could demand his school stop trying to teach it to him. A parent could insist that young Dietrich not be exposed to Black History Month lessons and the school would have to construct a curriculum that preserves his family's master race philosophies.

As for evolution, New Hampshire Republicans have bills specifically addressing that issue. HB1148 requires that evolution be taught as an atheistic, communist, fascist theory. HB1457 requires that children be taught they do not have to believe any science that is atheistic, communist, or fascist.

And I'm supposed to care who voters in that state think ought to be President?

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Anonymous said...

Religion counts on people being stupid and hateful and encorages those qualities.