Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tales from the One Percent

If you or I broke the finger of some waitperson at a local restaurant we'd be trying to make bail on criminal assault charges. But John Castle is a rich bastard, one of those leveraged buyout vampires who grow wealthy sucking the life out of other people's hard work.

It's not like the waiter poured hot coffee on Castle's head, something that might justify a brief spasm of rage. No, no, no. Castle was pissed because the waiter presented him with a bill. Faced with a gentle request to pay for the food he had eaten, Castle allegedly grabbed the waiter's arm and twisted it violently. (I'm assuming the twisting was violent because finger bones don't crack easily.)

Palm Beach police are "investigating" (cop speak for "trying not to piss off the rich dude again").  The waiter has had to hire a lawyer, he will probably get fired and black listed from every swank eatery in south Florida. Such is life in the aristocratic United States.

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Katy Anders said...

The fact is, when a rich and/or powerful person drives drunk or punches a bell boy or gets caught with cocaine, it's not as bad as when you or I do it.

I mean, the rich guy must know what's best, because he's rich. If the rich do it, it creates jobs, remember?

Its like the traditional difference n sentencing guidelines between cocaine and crack.