Sunday, January 01, 2012

A Christmas Story for the American Police State

Some schmo got a gag gift for Christmas, probably something like this.
Being adorably gullible and believing it real, he took his gift to WalMart to buy a vacuum cleaner, a microwave, and a few other tidbits (total value $476). WalMart called the cops because if there is anyone the company hates worse than their employees it's their customers.

Here is where the police state shows itself. In a rational society the police would slowly (using small words) explain the bill isn't real and take him home to either sleep it off (if he were drunk out of his gourd) or to take his medication.

But in this modern America the police have jails to fill and assistant DAs to make work for. They threw the poor schmuck in the slammer, a judge slapped an insane $17,500 bail him, and he now faces several felony charges.

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Anonymous said...

Typically American. Easier to go after this sap than go after people and businesses that do real harm.