Friday, January 27, 2012

Three Blind Republican Mice

Brewer's Finger
Arizona governor did not have some sort of dispute with the President this week. Like many other Republican politicians (Herm Cain, Newt Gingrich) she saw an opportunity to shamelessly shill her book.
Brewer wrote about eating scorpions for breakfast.
Her book went from selling nothing to, currently, four days on the best sellers list.

Cell Block Endorsement
Mitt Romney scored a powerful endorsement from former congressman Duke Cunningham. Writing from his prison cell, felon Duke Cunningham technically endorsed Newt Gingrich but its obvious that the Romney camp solicited the endorsement for Newt.

Soylent Green
Oklahoma state Sen. Ralph Shortey is upset that the general public has noticed his bill outlawing the use of aborted fetuses in food. "This wasn’t an open invitation for the country to chime in," he told the LA Times.

If you read Shortey's legislation closely it does not outlaw the use of human fetuses in the production of animal feed. There are over two million hogs in  Oklahoma for whom fetuses might make an excellent source of protein.

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Anonymous said...

Why, on earth, would anyone care a single, even tiny, bit about reading a book by Jan Brewer, a pedestrian politician who has accomplished nothing other than to use repeated misstatements to advance her personal causes. I can't imagine her having anything to say that would be worth the time to read.