Monday, August 08, 2011

When Governments Attack Their Own People

A lot of R&D money goes into researching new ways to inflict pain (without obvious permanent maiming or death) upon unarmed civilians. While many nations (Syria) don't mind using standard tank ordinance against citizens, other countries want obstinately non-lethal techniques for quelling unruly peasants.

Rubber Bullets
Rubber bullet wounds.
The British invented rubber bullets (they replace wooden bullets) and used them extensively against the Irish during the latter half of the 20th century. They are used around the world for riot control and to break up wild parties. Rubber bullets kill if they strike a vulnerable body part (liver, spleen, head). In the United States, being the land of the Second Amendment, you can buy rubber bullets for personal use. The US Army is developing a rubber bullet machine gun.

Taser wounds.
As I've mentioned before, the Taser is the go-to weapon for police officers who want to torture someone without leaving any visible bruises. The problem with the Taser is that many governments think it is too gentle. That's why Taser International is developing the XREP, a shotgun powered Taser than will break ribs and administer 20 seconds of heart stopping electroshock torment. 

Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate
The United States government has an entire department dedicated to finding ways to terrorize and inflict pain on people without killing them (too often).  Some new examples are below. 

The Pain Ray (aka) Active Denial System
It's been described as an open air microwave oven. This device inflicts an agonizing burning sensation, like your skin has been set on fire. While the Pentagon has been afraid of to deploy it in Afghanistan because if could be used as a torture device, the LA County Sheriff's Department has some for use against jail prisoners.

The Personal Halting and Simulation Response weapon (You just know some Trekkie named this.) is designed to blind any crowd of people it shoots. Because the US has signed a treaty against weapons that permanently blinds people, the Pentagon has been trying to get around the treaty by claiming their PHaSR (damn stupid name) only blinds people temporarily. They have even given it a cute descriptor (the Dazzler) to make it sound more like a toy than a weapon.

Long-Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)

We can blind crowds, how about making them deaf too. The LRAD can project an extremely painful ear-splitting noise harmlessly over the heads of your own people to afflict an oncoming crowd. It was deployed, but not used, by the NYPD during the Republican National convention in 2004, the Pittsburgh police for the 2009 Super Bowl, and by the Toronto police for the 2010 G20 summit. Hearing damage caused by the LRAD can be permanent.

Pulse Energy Projectile (PEP)
This is a real Phaser. And a really real torture weapon. This is a laser weapon that stimulates all the pain receptors in the human body all at once. Fired at a crowd and you would have the fun of watching hundreds of people falling to the ground writhing in agony all at once.

Mellow Gas
Using chemical weapons against civilians is illegal (that doesn't mean we don't do it). But, what about a gas that turns a restive population into compliant drug-addled sheep?

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