Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rick Perry's Texas: the Prison State

Rick Perry wants to bring the Texas story to the entire United States. A major part of that story is incarceration because nowhere are you more likely to be arrested and imprisoned than in Texas.

In Texas:
  • Over one million adults are arrested every year. That is nearly 6% of the adult population. Every year!
  • There are over 150,000 Texans currently held in state prisons. Add in jails and the number is 228,000.
  • Over 700,000 Texans are under criminal justice supervision (prison, jail, parole, probation). That's more than every man, woman, and child living in Austin.
  • In several communities (Gatesville and Eden are two) at least half of the population is imprisoned.
  • There are 53 state prisons and an additional seven for profit private prisons. There are also 15 federal prisons in Texas.
  • Texas currently has over 300 prisoners on death row.
  • Rick Perry has supervised 234 executions as governor.
  • Texas annually leads the nation in executions.
  • Texas also leads the nation in prison rape.
  • There are more African American men in Texas prisons than Texas universities.
  • Over 9% of the Black population of Texas has been disenfranchised by felony convictions.
  • Texas has a Schools-to-Prison program where children are arrested (criminal arrests) and fined (up to $500) for actions that are not illegal, like cursing or using a cell phone on campus. They are also attaching non-removable tracking bracelets (house arrest bracelets) to kids who skip school.
Huntsville Prison was built in 1849.
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Anonymous said...

To me I feel ashamed and He should be also. There are no jobs here school are not teaching our children and there is nothing for the young adults. put this all together and I my opinion he has failed to do his job. No one would want to live in A PRISON STATE I cant believe how low some people are. And for the record Prison Dose NOTHING THAT HELPS PEOPLE EXCEPT LINE FAT CATS POCKETS