Saturday, August 20, 2011

Southern California Grocery Strike

Aw, the memories. The last time there was a grocery workers strike/lockout was a disaster. It lasted for 20 weeks with the big three (Vons, Ralphs, Albertsons) picketed.
During the strike there was the biggest wildfire in San Diego history that made it an adventure to just leave the house let alone try to find food. The unskilled scabs hired to replace union workers were incompetent, leaving frozen food stacked on the floor outside freezers for hours. Non-union Walmart made out like a pack of hyenas devouring three dead elephants while the Big Three lost over $2 billion. It ended with total capitulation by the union.

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union is holding strike votes today. A strike is likely because the stores are playing hardball using a lead cannonball. The businesses want a strike because they want to crush union workers like insects. Scabs are being hired while I type this. It is a threat to public health to have temporary scabs handling the food supply. People will get sick, some will die.

Of course, I will not cross a picket line. Ever. Period. Double exclamation point!! Nor will I shop at Walmart. Triple exclamation point!!!

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OrcaSister said...

Thank you.
It is dismaying that I need to drop a note at my US Senator's office to remind him that picket lines are valid.
He did sneak around in order to reach a speaking engagement inside the Hilton.