Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Secessionist Perry on Treason

I figured I could stop writing about Rick Perry, it's been two days and I was beginning to get pretty nauseous. Then he had to go and accuse Fed chairman Ben Bernanke of treason.

Now, that's a mighty big word Little Ricky is banding about. Of course, treason is a capital offense punishable by death and Bloody Ricky loves executions (he averages two a month in Texas). And Bernanke's sins are manifold - the Federal Reserve has been buying up debt to try and keep the economy from sinking into oblivion when he should have been sitting on his hand praying for a divine apocalypse to destroy President Obama and elevate Saint Ricky to the throne.

(Really! Perry thinks that it is treason to aid the economy if that might also help the President.)
Washington during the first weeks of a Perry presidency.

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