Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rick Perry as President

Three generations of imbeciles are enough. ~ Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes
I can't believe this insane obsession some Americans have with electing Texans.

The best of the lot was the first. Lydon Johnson took a small brush conflict that had been on going with minimal fuss for a decade and turned it into a major war. He also invented the "Guns and Butter" political strategy that set the stage for the great inflation of the 1970's. Johnson, at least, had an accomplishment called the Civil Rights Act.
Vietnam War
The next two had nothing to their credit, they were only debit. George Bush, pere started the Great Islam-American War when he totally screwed the pooch on Iraq. First he encouraged Saddam Hussein's territorial ambitions then he attacked when Iraq expanded the wrong way. He also screwed up the economy.

George Bush, fils made his father look good. He screwed up two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan. While daddy just screwed up the economy, junior royally fucked it up. His dry-drunk, "What, Me Worry" approach to governance has permanently crippled the country.

Now comes Perry who makes Bush, Jr look like a genius. Even Sarah Palin thinks Rick Perry is dumb (Think about how stupid that has to be). Perry is a secessionist. He believes that the Gulf Oil Spill was an Act of God because, unlike God, the oil industry is incapable of error. Perry hold the US record for executions because of his willingness to execute the innocent.

At what point will Americans realize that Texans make horrible presidents.?

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Anonymous said...

Horrible president? How about horrible person? An example of an embarassment to humanity. Of course, using Bachmann's opinion on anything suggests that her opinions matter. Given the barely vague grip on the truth that she has, I have to discount everything she says as questionable. By the way, why is it these politicians who claim to be super religious do not care how much they deliberately lie and mislead? Is that a coincidence?