Sunday, May 29, 2011

Talking Baseball

The Posey Injury
Maybe it comes from watching the Stanley Cup playoffs, but the movement by some to ban runners making contact with catchers is just silly. It's the way the game has been played for 150 years. The catcher is wearing armor, it's his responsibility to brace his body for an impact he knows is coming. This was a clean, shoulder first, home plate collision.

It Could Have Been Worse
Unlike what Ty Cobb routinely did. Cobb would sharpen his spikes and then go into a base using his feet as a weapon, trying to carve chunks of flesh out of his opponent. Then there was the time Cobb charged the stands to beat the shit out of a heckler who had lost both arms during World War I.

Padre Bats
The San Diego Padres are on a pace to have the lowest team batting average (.226) in over 40 years. Although the Washington Nationals (.227) are challenging them. Their home batting average (.199) is below the Mendoza Line. And it is not Petco Park, opponents are hitting a respectable .243 there.
Even Mario Mendoza (.215) didn't hit below the Mendoza Line.

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