Sunday, May 22, 2011

Feet Back on the Ground

Libya and the War Powers Act
The War Powers Act does so apply to the Libyan action. First, obviously, it's a freaking civil war we've taken sides in. Second, the wisdom of the Act is that, as this is a democracy, the government ought to articulate to the people the reasons it is investing the public treasury in bombing the shit out of people. Third, in any war it is good to have a plan and not just sling bombs around willy-nilly. "Gaddafi inevitably leaves" is not a plan.

Israel's Borders
I admit it would be hard to describe Israel's pre-1967 borders as "defensible" and even less so her border under the original UN partition plan. Even though, they did mange to defend those borders quite effectively.

Even less defensible are the borders created by the cancer-like growth of West Bank settlements. These borders look more like a metastatic tumor than a national frontier.

Thinking With His Small Head
From what I can tell, IMF head Strauss-Kahn had a pretty successful career as a serial rapist as long has he confined his victims to women whose lives he could destroy if they objected. His problem came when he attacked a maid who, worst case, would lose a job she hated anyway.

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Anonymous said...

The Strauss-Kahn incident is bringing other roaches out of the dark, too, such as Ben Stein. My sense is that Stein would be smart not to stay in a place requiring housekeeping services. But, who said he was smart? He now seems to depend on the hope that those who clean up after him that he thinks are crazy will be more generous than he is or deserves.