Sunday, May 08, 2011

Random Thoughts, Not All on Bin Laden

The open secret of bin Laden's address
A NATO official leaked it back in October. Christiane Amanpour knew it back in 2008. The only ones who didn't know were the people who cashed his property tax checks all these years.

'Let Him Live!' Republicans are still trying to declare the death of bin Laden a failure for the President. They have become maniacal that is was wrong, even evil, to kill bin Laden.

Anchor Baby Governor.
Louisiana Republican Bobby Jindal has dreams of becoming President (probably using poisoned jambalaya at a state dinner). To further that goal Jindal has released his long-form birth certificate. For Birthers, this will disqualify him as both his parents were not American citizens. He wasn't even conceived in the US, his mother was pregnant when she arrived with her green card.

Goat Rapist
Florida has made it illegal to rape a goat. To compensate, the Florida legislature is making it tougher on human rape victims.

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