Monday, May 02, 2011

Random Thought on bin Laden's Death

Surprising only because I thought Osama bin Laden had died of natural causes years ago.

From a strategic point of view it accomplishes nothing, the various wars will continue unabated. But it sure is a satisfying bit of catharsis.

Apparently, it was common knowledge in Pakistan that Abbottabad was a safe place to live, that terror attacks typical elsewhere in Pakistan were not happening there. No one knew why until now.

Bin Laden was not living in some cold, drafty cave but in a posh mansion.
Bin Laden was hiding out in a huge, secured compound in a military town. Either that was really ballsy or he had lots of friends in very high places. Bet on the latter.

President Obama's announcement last night pre-empted the final 10 minutes of Donald Trump's TV show. Punked!

Burying bin Laden at sea was a wise and deliberate act - no shrine, no pilgrims, no place to venerate.

The Birthers are quickly becoming Deathers. There is a rapidly growing meme that it's all fake.

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