Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wisconsin's Scarlet Letter Girl

The compassionate part of me wants to feel sorry for the woman who fucked her way into a mid-level government job in Wisconsin.

Everyone in her new department, everyone in the entire building knows who she is and what she did to get her job. It's like she has a great big red letter stitched to her blouse. Her co-workers will whisper about her, make crude jokes, point and laugh.

And it won't end when she leaves. The story will follow her with any government job she has. And if she goes back to private sector lobbying her reputation will go with her. Horny politicians will expect, and demand, that she put out for their votes too. Monica Lewinsky had to leave the country to get away from the scarlet letter branded onto her.

My compassion is tempered by the knowledge that if she and her politician lover had been Democrats the scandal would have been 1000 times worse. So, really, she is getting off easy.

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