Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Middle Eastern Chaos

  • Egypt, with an army of conscripts, was unwilling to attack its own citizens. Freedom ensued without oil to muddy the prospects.
  • Libya, with an army substantially of African mercenaries, has no such qualms about slaughtering the people at will.
  • Bahrain imported Saudi troops which are enthusiastic in their bloodshed. 
  • Saudi Arabians are certain to learn the intended lesson that the Saudi monarchy is quite willing to be just as brutal against its own citizens.
The world cheered on the Egyptians noble fight for freedom. But put oil under the ground and the global community ceases to reach such nobility. All of a sudden, freedom is a complected concept that requires endless dithering.

Let us be clear here, for most of the world a human life is far less valuable that a gallon of sweet crude.

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