Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Most Dangerous Man In the World

With appreciation to Attaturk for pointing me to this classically prescient Monty Python skit. Mr. Neutron, the most dangerous man in the world, was being hunted by the combined might of the world powers.

Moscow, Peking, and Shanklin (Isle of White) combined forces with the United States to bomb Cairo, Bangkok, Capetown, Buenos Aires, Harrow, Hammersmith, Stepney, Wandsworth, and Enfield in an all out effort to get Mr. Neutron. But always it was the wrong place (Sorry, Enfield.).

Of course, there are appallingly expensive scenes of devastation and horror, all done very expensively. 

It's like the Monty Python writers channeled Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and Carnac the Magnificent to foresee the future that is the 21st century. It kinda puts life in perspective when you realize the entire War of Terror is really just an elaborate comedy sketch.

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