Sunday, March 27, 2011

Redneck Speed Trap

It is reassuring that the decades may pass but some things stay the same. Such as if you drive into the hick region of the Old South, where they still keep a chaw of tobaccy in their back pockets and if you graduated fifth grade you're considered over eddicated, and thars a deppity hiding behind the kudzu a'lookin' for speeders.

Now, these is modern times sos thays usin' speed trap cameras instead of the sherrf's idiot nephew Elmer. Thats whuts callt pergress.


Anonymous said...

This is probably an unfair characterization of the majority of people living in the South. Or, it's a joke I don't get. Speed traps and cameras are not a South-only phenomena.

Anonymous said...

Dear A Little Reality,

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KnightErrant said...

The only speed trap camera on I-95 from Maine to Florida is in Ridgeland, SC (pop. 2518). It's the traditional small southern hicktown (think Mayberry) that makes money by ticketing out-of-towners.

Am I unfair? Of course, it's what I do.