Thursday, March 03, 2011

Wisconsin Police State, Part 3

The Wisconsin Republican Senate has taken the next logical step in imposing a police state. They have ordered the arrest of Democratic members of the body. Exactly how far are Republicans willing to go is the question.

Since Illinois officials will not recognize such an order will Wisconsin Republicans hire bounty hunters to kidnap Democrats and carry them against their will across the border? If a Democratic Senator is found in the state will he be handcuffed and transported to the capital? Will the sergeant-at-arms chain Democrats to their desks to prevent their leaving? Will they be imprisoned?

The official use of force against legislators is beyond disturbing. It is an assault against the very concept of a free state.
Gov. Walker seems to be channeling Oliver Cromwell.


Atlanta Roofing said...

The Democrats' actions have most DEFINITELY resulted in a breach of the peace as evidenced by the last two weeks of nonstop union protests, the creation of fraudulent doctor's notes, the vandalism and general mayhem taking place in the People's Capitol building, the assaults on citizens by union members, and so forth and so on.

Anonymous said...

Another fine American speaks. 1984 has arrived. Truth is irrelevant. Ignorance is freedom. Orwell was right, he was just a quarter century off. If we can enslave working people as the mining towns used to do, and control what they say by controlling what people hear, then surely we will have utopia.