Friday, March 11, 2011

On This Day in History, 1911

  • William Howard Taft was in his second year as president. There would be 17 more presidents.
  • The Chinese revolution of Sun Yet-sen that was to end the Manchu Dynasty was still five months from starting.
  • The Mexican revolution of Emiliano Zapata was ongoing.
  • In the largest anti-trust action in history, Standard Oil would be broken up in just two months.
  • The first coast-to-coast US flight, taking 49 days with 69 stops including 16 crash landings, would occur in eight months.
  • Wisconsin had just elected the first socialist to the United States Congress.
  • Ottawa would begin a two game Stanley Cup tournament against Galt in two days. Marty Walsh would score 13 goals in the two games.
  • The most famous person born on this day is Sir Fitzroy MacLean, who I have never heard of.
Also on this day in 1911, my father was born. He celebrates his 100th birthday today. Happy Birthday Dad.

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