Friday, March 18, 2011

Lobbyist As Prostitute

As a general rule male corporate lobbyists are middle-aged power brokers like Tom Daschle and Haley Barbour. Most are rather repulsive to look at.

Conversely, a remarkable large number of women corporate lobbyists are young and blond. They don't have the connections and experience of male colleagues, which is a problem for those who take their jobs seriously. But, there are a lot of women in the profession who have discovered that taking a horizontal lobbying position makes for good connections.

Sometimes there are only rumors and allegations like the lobbyist tied to John McCain and the woman rumored to have bedded Speaker John Boehner. Sometimes you can't separate what's fact from what is the randy fantasies of gray haired man-child.

Other times, as with Wisconsin State Senator Randy Hopper , there is no need to deal with scuzzy little rumors. The scuzzy facts are all over the place. And the facts prove that these are not love matches but straight up whore deals. Hopper's mistress parlayed a well placed vagina into into a cushy state job.

Of course, all lobbyists are prostitutes, some are just more honest about it than others.

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