Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wisconsin Republicans Are Afraid to Do It Legally

Why did Wisconsin Republicans choose to implement their anti-union law by trying to circumvent a court order when there was a far simpler method available? The simpler method was even recommended by the judge who granted the original restraining order.

The Wisconsin Senate could have simply passed the law again using proper procedures. Instead they choose to try to play a game with the judge and publish the law unofficially while claiming that their action made the publication official. It was a silly action that any middle school student council would have been embarrassed to try.

This is one of those times when the simplest answer is likely the correct one. It probably wouldn't pass if they voted a second time. The issue needs 17 votes to pass; the last vote was 18-1. With a half-dozen Republicans facing recall election it only takes two senators to get scared enough of their constituents to defeat the measure.

So, we get the strange sight of Wisconsin Republicans playing a game of legal chicken with the state's judiciary. 

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