Friday, January 07, 2011

What's So Bad About Bankers

I admit it, I don't like investment bankers. Given what they have done to the world's economy I think they should get what they deserve.
What they deserve.
But now that the President has chosen one to be his new chief-of-staff perhaps I should explain myself more fully.

Bankers Are Financial Thugs
Bankers are just like the Crips. They have their hoes (trophy wives), they get chalked up, and they use secret codes (banker jargon) to communicate. They may even have fly tats. Of course, they are heavily into crime like forgery and fraud.

But the principle reason bankers are like street gangsters is that once you join you never leave. Take the case of Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner. In 2008 neither was still working for Goldman Sachs yet when AIG was going bankrupt both worked overtime to craft a scheme to benefit Goldman Sachs at the expense of everybody else. Once you join a big bank you are theirs for life.

Bankers Are the Ultimate Elitists
Bankers may steal from other bankers (there is no honor among thieves) but at least they respect them. That is not the case with the rest of humanity. To bankers there are two kinds of people - other bankers and chattel. To them, we the people are cows to be milked, sheep to be sheared, or pigs to be slaughtered.
Your bankers and you.
Now that a banker is the President's gatekeeper it is highly unlikely that any of us chattel will get through to the Oval Office ever again.

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