Monday, January 17, 2011

The All Seeing FBI

The FBI is terrified of you. They just know you're up to no good what with your being a vegetarian and all.

Then there are all you religious fanatics like Quakers and Catholics. And what about those birders and whale watchers? I mean they are always looking  through binoculars, like that's not suspicious.

Consider university professors. They keep teaching people, sharing ideas, and using phrases like "academic freedom." Damned subversive, that is. Don't forget those centers of terrorist thought, libraries.

The truth is, if you have even done anything remotely intelligent or showed signs of having a social conscious the FBI considers you a security threat. It doesn't matter if you are a pacifist or a child, the FBI is scared shitless of you.


Anonymous said...

Vegan potluck terrorists????? Frankly, that is the last thing the world gas to worry about, if for no other reason because vegans are usually vegans because they do not like killing. If those in congress care really looking for places to cut costa, I think we found one here.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the many other "fearsome" types -- beyond the obviously anti-dominant-paradigm vegans:

Folk musicians, people who listen to public radio, people who do not waste time watching TV (clearly they use the time to think), anyone who is physically fit, ham radio operators (who don't need no damned cell phones or computers to communicate around the world), the unemployed, the sick denied health care.

(a different "anonymous')

Anonymous said...

I honestly can't tell if you are being serious or not when you call Quakers "fanatics". Although we are often filled zeal, our views are so dissimilar to the concept of "single-mindedness," a huge part of our faith is committed to understanding and accepting of differences.