Friday, January 28, 2011

Egypt and USA Tear Gas

The Egyptian police are using American made tear gas against the Egyptian people.
It doesn't matter that it is not American troops lobbing tear gas grenades at the Egyptian people. It doesn't matter that Egypt bought the tear gas from a private company (using American aid money).

It does matter that the streets of Cairo are littered with weapons used against the populous proudly stamped "Made In USA." That matters more than any amount of mealy-mouthed words that try to straddle a fence made out of razor wire.

Such is the price America pays as a country owned and operated by a military-industrial complex.

Addition note: The same company that made the tear gas wafting through the streets of Cairo also sold the tear gas Tunisia used a couple weeks ago and Israel used to attack West Bank villages last month. The USA, not so much spreading democracy as foul smelling chemicals wherever we go.

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