Friday, January 14, 2011

Child Labor In America

What sort of heartless Bumble would condemn child labor laws as unconstitutional? How about Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah.

To be fair, Sen. Lee is not alone in this belief. Both Jeff Tucker and Bob Prechter add an allegedly educated veneer to the premise. Tucker accuses the New Deal of rigging unemployment numbers by cruelly taking jobs away from children and giving them to adults.
Child-labor laws were and are a blow against the freedom to work and a boost in government authority over the family. ~ Jeff Tucker
Prechter contends that child labor laws (and free public education) have created a generation of slackers and only by sending 12 year-olds back down into the mines will America be restored.
The economic crisis, child-labor laws, socialized educational costs, minimum wages, and a government-imposed culture of prolonged adolescence have combined to deny opportunity to an entire generation. ~ Bob Prechter
Lucky girl. In the USA
she'd be wasting her time in school.

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