Sunday, January 09, 2011

Assassination Thoughts

  • Jared Lee Loughner is not a Muslim or an illegal immigrant. He is a native born American terrorist.
  • He appears to be of the Tim McVeigh (paranoid psychopath) rather than John Hinckley (pathetic loser) breed of American assassin. 
  • The suspicion that he has an older partner suggests Loughner was a part of a conspiracy and the tool of a mastermind. Think WASP suicide bomber.
  • The murder weapon was legally purchased. Arizona has extremely liberal gun laws; it's a state where any loon can buy a gun and enough bullets to commit a massacre. 
  • Congresswoman Giffords was deliberately targeted. 
  • It is yet to be revealed, and may never be publicly revealed, whether the attack was inspired by Sarah Palin or Jesse Kelly targeting (with literal guns) the Congresswoman.
  • If Jesse Kelly, or any Republican, takes her seat in the next election then the gunman has won.
  • If Loughner has any kind of skilled lawyer I expect to see the Glenn Beck Defense used. He will claim diminished capacity due to the effect of talk radio.
  • I doubt Loughner was a Tea Party activist.
  • However, the Tea Party set the stage with their frequent attacks of congressmembers at public events and their practice of bringing guns to their opponent's events. The Tea Party encouraged irrational behavior at Town Hall meetings.
  • This was inevitable. The American body politic has become more and more brutal in recent years; the rhetoric is more and more bloodthirsty. 
  • I include in this a certain blogger (me) who used firing squad rhetoric to denounce investment bankers. That was over the top. While I think a good many of them deserve prison terms for fraud I don't really want them put up against a wall and shot. It's an easy trap to fall into; the imagery is compelling. But, when I fall into rhetorical sanguinary I become part of the problem. I will try to be better.

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