Thursday, January 20, 2011

Betelgeuse Going Supernova Would Be Cool

"Cool" is probably the wrong adjective. I love the news story that the star Betelgeuse might go supernova in 2012.
Or as late as one million AD.
Sure, the story is just a way for an underfunded Australian astronomer to climb onto the 2012 apocalypse mania and that's fine.
Although some might feel gypped.
Still, having a second sun to play with would be fun. Photographers and artists could do all sorts of unique things with the double shadow effect. And, I can't imagine what the religious fundamentalists would do with it.
Nobody would expect it.
Although I'd really feel sorry for all the astrologers. When the nova receded and Betelgeuse becomes a faint little rock inside a fuzzy nebula, the constellation Orion would lose his right shoulder. He'll look all sad and lopsided.

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