Thursday, July 02, 2009

Suffer (Starve) the Little Children

Cynthia Davis (R) of the Missouri state legislature is Chair of the Committee on Poverty and the Committee on Children and Family. As such, she opposes the state's efforts to help feed poor children. As she says, "Hunger can be a positive motivator."

As the photo at right proves, Davis is herself an evil mother who feeds her own children on (gasp) pizza, thus depriving them of the motivation they need to go out and forage for themselves. Shouldn't every child know that rats taste like chicken? There are even reports that she steals food from lobbyists to feed her lazy, unproductive offspring.

Even with such poor mothering skills at least one of Davis' children is growing up right (if she grows up at all). A couple of years ago, on Easter Sunday, one of Davis' younger daughters was found wandering alone along Highway K, obviously scrounging the gutters for her Easter supper as Jesus intended.

Predictably, Democrats with their radical Feed the Children agenda, have attacked Davis. But, Think Progress goes too far in actually extensively using direct quotes from Davis.

Fortunately, one voice has stood up to defend Davis, The ever brilliant Stephen Colbert.

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Bex! said...

Eeek! Cynthia Davis' website must be a satrical gag. Right? At least my hiccups are cured after reading it.