Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Ft. Collins 14

More proof that war, any war, all war, is an evil, soul sucking endeavor.

Upon returning from Iraq (I started typing "Vietnam" because this is not a new story) fourteen soldiers went on a crime spree, killing eleven people including an infant daughter. What is most disquieting is the excuses the Army is giving.
  • 65 percent of violent crimes committed by soldiers were done by troops who had not been to war (So the Army is claiming that basic training is enough to turn normal young American boys into homicidal maniacs)
  • pervasive substance abuse among some troops
  • mental illness already present in recruits (Drug-addled lunatics are our best recruitment source)
  • the failure of Army leaders to get soldiers the help they need likely contributed to the violence (Our commanders are a bunch of fuck-ups)
I keep coming back to the notion that war is an insanity performed by the demented for the depraved.

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Anonymous said...

The military turns people into trained killers. That is the hole point of military training -- to acquire the kills necessary to kill people.