Friday, July 03, 2009

Masters of Evil

If only half of what Matt Taibbi writes in Rolling Stone is true, than Goldman Sachs is every great global conspiracy theory combined, with offices in New Jersey. They are the rumored Illuminati made flesh. They employ Fu Manchu, Professor Moriarty, and Ernest Blofeld in middle management positions. Hanibal Lecter is the corporate caterer. I wouldn't be surprised if you look at Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein with unprotected eyes you will instantly turn both blind and insane.

I've commented before about Goldman Sachs and continue to believe that company is a great threat to President Obama. I've calling them devils and I do believe that Goldman Sachs is a criminal cancer with grasping invasive tentacles in the governments of every major economic nation on Earth, most especially the United States Treasury Department. Goldman Sachs in not above the law, they are the law. When it comes to investment banking Goldman Sachs controls both the writing and enforcement of the law.

As conspiracy theories go, this has something for everyone. For radical conservatives it allows them to indulge their Jewish Conspiracy worldview without being obviously anti-Semitic. Radical liberals (like me) see it falling neatly into our belief that unbridled capitalism allows criminals to rule.

A few more links: More Matt Taibbi, Goldman Sachs Responds, Eight Cases for a Goldman Conspiracy, a Manifesto titled "Goldman Sachs: The Real Conspiracy - Looking Behind The Curtain."

The Usual Disclaimer: Goldman Sachs attorneys need be aware that I continue to worship at the altar I have built to your company. Just last night I sacrificed an unwilling virgin (see photo below). By the way, do you know just how hard it is to find virgins these days? So, cut me a little slack, will ya Beelzebub?

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