Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Random Thoughts

Sister Sarah is the gift that keeps on giving
Republicans are continuing to bitch slap each other silly over Sarah Palin. It's a better spectator sport than tennis.

Because she is such a MILF
"Featuring some pretty hot pics scattered throughout the article." How Conservative Grapevine (July 1) described an article about Palin in Runner's World.

Conservatives Love Bin Laden
Conservatives have been reduced to hoping and praying that Osama Bin Laden will blow up a major American city. Listen to them and you can hear the pain in their voices as they worry that Americans won't be slaughtered...
’Cause wishin’’ and hopin’’ and thinkin’’ and prayin’’
Planning and dreamin’ his kisses will start.
That won’t get you into his heart! ~ Dusty Springfield

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