Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Things That Make Me So Angry I Could...Aw, a Puppy

Quintuple the Tax on the Super Rich
At right is Larry Ellison's, the CEO of Oracle, smaller yacht. The modern Super Rich have boats that would have made John D. Rockefeller blush. See Pimped Out Yachts and HuffPost's slideshow of mega-yachts.

But, the Rich Need Our Sympathy
At least that is the message of the Wall Street Journal's Wealth Report. Every time I start feeling soft all I have to do is read it to inflame my anti-capitalist rage.

Cops Aren't Racist
Sometimes they are just arrogant SOBs. Again from HuffPost are a couple of cops plotting to blame a policeman's auto accident on the (white) victim. Remember this and never forget, just because a policeman says it doesn't mean it is true.


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