Monday, July 20, 2009

Financial Carnivores

They feed on living flesh. They are as compassionate as they are scrupulous, which is to say they are neither. If their acts are not criminal it is a fault in the law.

These soulless creatures described in this New York Times article spent the early part of the decade suckering people into take on insane amounts of debt in incomprehensibly complex sub-prime mortgages contracts. Mortgages designed to drive people from their homes down the line.

Now, these leeches are attacking the same victims, promising to modify their debt burdens, too often including mortgages they wrote in a previous incarnation. Of course, first the victims has to pony up obscene amounts of money and the modifications tend to have a success rate slightly worse than a San Diego Padre pinchhitter.

I feel the need to apologize to leeches at this point because leeches are nowhere near as bad as these serial financial rapists.

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