Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Randon Thoughts

Summer Schedule
With summer, my computer spends more time idle, a concession to the fact it is a heat generator during a time when there is way too much heat already, thank you. So, if the occasional, or frequent, day goes by without my writing here it is just my small effort to fight global warming and has nothing to do with my grabbing a book and a beach blanket (and a beach) and being irresponsible.

Explainin' Palin
Sister Sarah keeps being thrown up in our faces for the same reason we can't seem to escape Paris Hilton. They are celebrities, although there is no rational reason why. Some people will cross burning coals on their bare knees to see them, although there is no rational reason why. They are attractive, in a slutty, trailer trash kind of way. Their IQs, combined, add up to moron. They both seem to enjoy putting their social and moral dysfunction on public display. They attract attention in the same way people can't look away from a freeway accident. It's not right, but there it is.

Life Is a Bad Bond Film
A View to a Kill is generally considered the worst of the James Bond film. The story has an evil genius (is there any other kind), Max Zorin, plotting to use explosives along the San Andreas Fault to make California disappear into the Pacific Ocean. His reason: to increase the value of his computer chips (and, because he is an evil genius).

Today, AltaRock Energy wants to use explosives along the San Andreas Fault to break up the bedrock and release geothermal energy that they can sell. They have tried the technique in Switzerland and caused so many earthquakes the project had to be shut down. AltaRock has been keeping the Switzerland failure secret from U.S. regulators. California is one of the most seismically active regions in the world (which is why they want to play here) and has had some of the most damaging earthquakes in world history. A perfect place to play with earthquakes, if you are a evil genius in a second-rate movie.

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