Tuesday, October 02, 2007

If Thine Eye Offend Thee

Whatever to write about? I've been reading the recent works of Norman Podhoretz, John Bolton, and William Kristol as they squeal like LA street 'hos urging their hustler pimps in the White House to do a drive-by shooting of Iran. After reading their tripe I want to pluck out my eyes and and stomp them for exposing my brain to such evil twaddle.

I could go all fluffy and write about San Diego sports; I watched the Padres, Chargers, and even San Diego State over the weekend. San Diego State, playing football in a stadium that was 90% empty, made the few people who showed up sick. That they lost by a score of only 52-23 shows how compassionate Cincinnati is. The Charges had a full house watching them fall asleep and get out scored 24-0 in the second half and lose. The Padres blew leads in their last three games of their baseball season to fall out of the last play-off spot and did it in a heartbreaking fashion (Hey, at least I'm not a Mets fan). After subjecting my eyes to a dozen hours of that torture, they are threatening to pluck themselves out.

Art is "Snake Eyes" by P.J. Filder

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