Tuesday, October 30, 2007

American Police State Vol. 2

They threatened us with severe punishments if we talk to each other....Through the walls, I can hear officers yelling, screaming. They ask about the purpose of our trip -- except we are only allowed to give yes-or-no answers. I try to talk about our plans to meet with Finnish-American folk musicians. Nobody listens. They interrupt me constantly and they yell, "You are a liar!" ~ Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Oct. 28, 2007
Those wily Scandinavian terrorists.

Seriously, if any government agency is going to evolve into an American Schutzstaffel it will be DHS. All too many DHS agents had childhood hobbies like tying firecrackers to the tails of cats and and grieved they wouldn't be able to practice their proclivities as adults without getting arrested. At DHS they have x-ray machines that peek through people's clothing and they are allowed to pat down and feel up any woman they choose. And when it comes to recreational terrorism of travelers nobody beats the folk down at DHS.
Is this the face of evil? (photo of Finnish folk singer Jukka Karjalainen when not being threatened at an American airport)

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