Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Is Congress Irrelevant?

Remember back in September when Sen. Pat Leahy announced that Michael Mukasey's confirmation as Attorney General was dependent upon the White House turning over "certain information?" How about back in August when Leahy set a fourth deadline (the previous three deadlines having been ignored) for the White House to respond to subpoenas regarding warrantless wiretapping? Then there was the time after the Congress gave Bush everything he wanted to spy on Americans and Democratic leaders promised they would corrected the flaws when they revisited the issues a few months later. So, what's happening now, eh?
What has happened to the promises of last January when the new Democratic majorities were pledging to bring accountability back to government? Where has the New Congress gone?

Some think Bush is blackmailing individual members of Congress. I believe that, when push comes to shove, Senators and Congressmen are frightened of the office of the Presidency. The effect of the Imperial Presidency is a serial dictatorship. Congress supplicates itself beneath a president it believes to be ignorant and incompetent because congressmen, individually and collectively, believe that the Presidency is all powerful. Congress refuses to enforce the Will of the People because congressmen truly believe that the Will of the People is unimportant and it is only the Will of the President that matters.


Anonymous said...

Cheery thoughts.

PoliShifter said...

I do think they have pictures and dirt on everyone. That's largely why BushCo is deathly afraid to have to go a judget (after the fact) to get a warrant for their domestic spying.

Congress has become largely ceremonial.

Even if Congress passed some legislation with teeth in it and had the votes to override a veto, Bush has already demonstrated his expanded powers via signing statements. Bush can out legislate Congress if need be.

Congress is also getting more distracted by the hundreds of billions they get to divy up and bring back to their districts.

Anonymous said...


The time is ripe for Julius Caesar
To come upon the stage,
With his firm hand, so as to seize here
Control, while factions wage
Dispute amongst themselves, as pressed
Fiercely ferocious, this bitterest
Of struggles in which men engage.

The Congress is abolished, or
If not the fell stroke fallen,
Yet rendered by this rush, this war,
This huge assault on all in
Voiced disagreement, to the force
Of policy that booming roars
In every ear to make all sullen--

Rendered inoperative and null
In actual fact, if not in name,
While powers divided once now pull
Ineffably, with shame
Unto one same polarity,
Manipulated equally
By secret forces none can blame.

Stands Julius Caesar in the wings?
They jockey for position,
Competitors, as strive for rings,
And make that aim their mission.
Pray, yet ere the Republic falls
Remain there any in these halls
Possessed of courage, guts and vision?

So they may have to thrash it out,
Much bloodshed on the day--
Does Lincoln´s creed here go the rout,
Driven by greed away?
Some Caesar lurking, left or right,
Awaits and plots--his entrance might
Not any willing force delay?

Because of this unholy war
A way of life is threatened--tore
The democratic dreams of yore
To shreds--Lord, I would die before
Liberty rotting in the core.